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Traditional Feng Shui Master: With over 3 decades of formal eduaction and experience I am able to provide Feng Shui consulting to commercial (business) Fengshui, Home FengShui, Outdoor FengShui (the Emperor's Walk), Personal Guidance and assistance in determining if a new real estate decision has the fundamental elements for happiness and success.

Most all of my clients are happy to report that they have experienced dramatic success as a result of the fundamental principles I have instructed them on. My education and practice as a licensed Chinese Architect and my work on many large municiple projects in China has given me a depth of experince not often found amongst Feng Shui practioners.

Practicing in the United States and throughout the world has allowed me a breadth of vision that I hope will benefit my clients directly.

Friday, July 4, 2008


圖一:智海大師為紐約,Manhatten 中城的「SBLM 聯合建筑師事務所」總部邀請,為建筑師們講解 《建筑、規划与風水設計》。此事務所在美國國內、外均設有分部。