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Traditional Feng Shui Master: With over 3 decades of formal eduaction and experience I am able to provide Feng Shui consulting to commercial (business) Fengshui, Home FengShui, Outdoor FengShui (the Emperor's Walk), Personal Guidance and assistance in determining if a new real estate decision has the fundamental elements for happiness and success.

Most all of my clients are happy to report that they have experienced dramatic success as a result of the fundamental principles I have instructed them on. My education and practice as a licensed Chinese Architect and my work on many large municiple projects in China has given me a depth of experince not often found amongst Feng Shui practioners.

Practicing in the United States and throughout the world has allowed me a breadth of vision that I hope will benefit my clients directly.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

L.精選風水墓園 。並參与墓園 的整体規划与風水設計。

自古人生誰無死。生前可以身体力行的關心照顧后代子孫,給予和付出。而死后又如何繼續來庇護后代呢?那就需要依靠陰宅風水的力量啦! 陰宅風水的核心,是以地气養骸,以骸來庇蔭子孫后代。所以從陰宅風水角度來講,配合穴之“龍、穴、砂、水、向",形势与理氣的完美結合,點一個龍真穴正的陰宅風水置關重要。